THUMB PRINT JAM COOKIES ..... Sugar-Free Jam of course ..... loads of fun to bake with your kids ..... everyone gets to choose their favorite flavor of jam
Denene invented Proseed Flour - a trade marked proprietary blend of alternative flours.
 Proseed is currently being marketed to large food manufacturers

Stout Bread (no beer) pictured above

Stout Bread sliced & Garbanzo-Onion Bread below

The Joy of Gluten-Free, Sugar-Free Baking

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Denene Wallace

Denene’s original intent was to create bakery products in her kitchen that would help her manage blood sugar issues.  She was taking 5  insulin shots a day to control her blood sugarNow Denene takes NO insulin shots.

She discovered over the years that these products could also be of great benefit to those who suffer from wheat sensitivity (celiac).  As a result of her personal experiences, Denene also believes that these types of products can be an additional tool in achieving and maintaining an individuals’ ideal weight.

Having been an Interior Designer for over 15 years, Denene of course, approached her bread baking projects from an artist’s vantage point – NO RULES.  She experimented with a variety of alternative flours and ingredients. Over time she was able to create excellent tasting bakery products that were sugar free, gluten free, and very low in carbohydrates.

Over a six year period Denene has become an expert in the arena of baking with alternative flours.  She has created and perfected products that provide diabetics and celiac patients with a delicious alternative to conventional bakery goods.

   Making THE Perfect Waffle
   with Dot at the photo shoot in SanFrancisco, California

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All the recipes in this cookbook are "user friendly".

   Now all the foods that used to be off limits because of gluten or high carb counts are right at your fingertips ... just waiting to be prepared by you - Enjoy!!! 

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